Tuesday, January 30

Life as a substitute teacher

Since I finished my time of paying to work, I have now moved up 1/2 a notch to a sub. I can make it sound really good if I want to. I get paid for a full days work when I actually only work for 5 or 6 hours. Everything is already planned for me when I go into the job. I get a recess and lunch break. Most days I get to play outside with the kids. Based on these characteristics, subbing seems like a great idea. However there are some downsides to being a sub. There are days when I go into a class that does not have lesson plans. Some teachers give me two activities for the entire school day. How am I supposed to keep a class under control for 6 hours when I have only 2 hours of work for them? These are usually the more disruptive classes as well. Normally I can tell how good the teacher is by how well the students behave. It's sad, but some teachers have no control over their students. I sure hope that my class isn't that way.

So check this out. Colton Unified School District is in desperate need of subs because their teachers are striking. So what they are doing is paying $275 day for subs. I jumped right on that. It took about a week to get through the system and now I can start work, but I haven't gotten a job yet. Yes, I have become a scab. But who can blame me. I'd do almost anything for $275 a day, well anything normal. This is a good opportunity for me to make some extra money. It should definately help out Britt and I.

Friday, January 12

Paid to work!

After months of student teaching, I am now finished and can move into the realm of being paid for my work. So I am sitting here in the classroom and I hear the students yelling and screaming outside. I run out thinking I'm gonna stop a fight or possibly start one. Then I notice that they're running around being hit by SNOW! In Riverside on January 12, 2007 it is snowing. Pretty crazy. I'm totally distracted right now. I think I'll go play in the snow with the kids.