Monday, November 20

The time is near

So, I have three weeks left of student teaching. Once that's done I'll have my teaching credential and ready to have my own classroom. Well, I shouldn't say ready. I'll be qualified to have my own class. I have definately learned a lot from when I started, but thinking about being a teacher still scares me. There is so much opportunity for greatness, but also so much for failure. I'll have so many people breathing down my neck. It seems like they want me to mess up or do something wrong. So before I do, anyone have some advice? Words of wisdom to the young teacher about to embark on a torturous adventure?

Wednesday, November 1

I'm a lamo (lame-oh)

So, I realize that I don't have much material on my blog. I don't really have much time to change that, but if I don't, then nobody will post on-let alone view- my blog. I don't know exactly what to write so I am just gonna ask a question: what is the biggest struggle in your walk? How do you struggle with it? Can I pray for you? Post as much or as little as you like.

Saturday, September 16

The Rings of Power