Tuesday, May 22

Baby Shower

I think that I attented my first baby shower last Saturday. I know what you're thinking...Tim went to a baby shower? That's pretty much what I thought when I was invited, however it was for my buddy and his wife so I decided to go. It turned out to be a fun event and I didn't feel out of place at all. All of us guys got to play a fun little game. I'll let you see the pics and decipher it for yourself.

real men paint their toes

the pregnant man in action

2 minutes later

As you can see, it was a fun event. I won some candles and a picture frame with little Skyler Ray Callister in it. I won't be talking trash about baby showers any more, so if anyone's having one soon, let me know. haha

Saturday, May 19

The Move

Since I have been done with school, Brittany and I have been looking for a new place to live. Our apartment on campus worked for a while, but we were ready to be out of CBU and have a place that truly felt like our own. We searched and searched, trying to find a good place for a good deal. Over time we began to see which places might work and which ones we wanted to avoid. As we approached our move out date (May 6), we began to narrow down the places we were interested in. We eventually decided on "The Terrace Apartments." I thought they were fairly new, but I guess they are actually 20-30 years old. They look really nice for being that old.

Our one bedroom apartment had been getting a little cramped, so we decided to go with a two bedroom. Our old place had 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, a small walk in closet, and a linen closet in the bathroom. All of this was 600 sq. feet. Our new place has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 2 large (for an apt) walk in closets, a linen closet in the hallway, a coat closet, some extra storage space above the coat closet, and a storage room on our balcony. The new apt. has 940 sq. feet. Now we can fit all of our things comfortably and organized.

After almost 3 weeks of living here, we are really liking it. I've had to kill a few spiders-and they are legit spiders, not those little guys or daddy longlegs. I wish that I would've taken pictures of these monsters. They look like miniature tarantulas. I found one playing on our blinds in the living room. It was hanging down about a foot and bouncing back and forth in between the blinds. Didn't seem to be doing anything except having a good time. But, Brittany's not a big spider fan so I had to show him who's boss around here. He didn't like that too much and tried to escape. He had his last few moments of freedom and was then pinched by the fingers of fury. lol

I have taken some pictures so that all of you in the blogging world can experience the joy of our new home. Brittany and I got some great deals on our new things, so don't think that we have tons of money.

We found these sweet couches on Craigslist. They are high quality and look practically brand new. We pretty much stole them from the guy.

We also bought a desk from Craigslist for our 2nd bedroom which is now called the office. In our old apt we used a folding table for the computer which was in our dining room. I would much rather have a desk in an office than a folding table in the dining room.

Another great thing about our apartment is the balcony. Our old apt had one, but it was kinda funky looking and all we could see was the main street and a giant tree. Both of which were within 20 yards of us. Now we have a much nicer balcony and view.

So here's a picture of our living room and then kitchen.

Now you know a bit of what what our place is like. Is it nice or do we just think so because its ours. You can be honest, my feelings won't be hurt. :)

Thursday, May 17

The Story of the Mouth

Sunday May 6 is now a day to remember for me. The incidents that took place have permanent effects and they will forever remind me of my experience on that day. It started out great with Brittany and I attending Sandals and then teaching the Kindergarten class during the second service. After that we rushed off to our apartment and finished some last minute cleaning so that we could move out. We made the place look great and didn't get any fines or damage charges.

Around 6 o'clock we went over to Kevin Callister's inlaw's house. They were having a little get together to see his son and hang out with some friends. We cooked up some chicken, sausages and veggies-then had a great time eating to our hearts desire. Later we got in the hot tub and relaxed for a bit. As the clock approached 9, Britt and I figured it would be time to head home seeing as we both had work the next morning. So she went up to see skyler one last time before we left. Since I was out of the hot tub and now waiting for Britt, I decided to hop around on the trampoline for a little while.

It had been a while since the last time I had been on one. After a couple minutes of boucing around I gathered up the courage to do a flip. So I did the flip and made the whole rotation...plus a little too much. I landed leaning forward at a 45 degree angle or so. Normally the trampoline springs you up, but if you're leaning forward it obviously shoots you forward. This is what I did and my face was propelled right into the metal bar and springs around the edge of the trampoline.
I tumbled off the edge, but my pride and manliness popped me right back up. I even climbed back on the trampoline (oblivious to the blood trail I was leaving). I climbed off the other side when I noticed the moisture in my mouth and felt the missing tooth with my tongue. I then proceeded to the bathroom and shut the door. As if the guys who had just seen me fall were going to stay outside and wait for me to come back out.

Within seconds there was chaos at the house. Looking in the mirror I could see (through all the blood) that I had chipped 3 or 4 of my top teeth, seriously bent my bottom middle two and lost the one next to them. We then began attempting to stop the bleeding with napkins, towels, ice and any other means in the area. After 15 minutes the bleeding started to slow. Meanwhile, there is a search party outside trying to find my tooth in the grass. As I was sitting in the bathroom holding my busted mouth, Brittany is freaking out trying to find out what to do. She called my parents who were able to get ahold of a family friend who is a dentist. We were told that if the tooth is found, I need to stick it back in. STICK IT BACK IN???? YES!

After 45 minutes of searching, and God's grace, the tooth was found. Brittany then kicked everyone out of the bathroom and told me that I had better shove that tooth back in its hole or else. I didn't know what the or else meant, but I knew she was serious. It took me a little while to find the cavity, but eventually I did and began to "place" my tooth back in its home. All I can say is that it wasn't a pleasant experience and I was only able to get it in halfway.

Soon after we left to go to the emergency room. Thankfully we only had to wait for a few minutes before being called in for the first consultation. They took a couple looks at it, took my blood pressure and then had me go back out to the waiting room. At some point Brittany informed me that the tooth needed to be in place all the way or else the tooth would begin to decay or die. So, I went into the bathroom, man'd it up and shoved that tooth back into the hole until I felt/heard a noise and had an excruciating pain/shiver throughout my entire body. I then walked back out to the waiting room feeling proud in my manhood. Pretty funny, seeing that I have 4 chipped teeth, 3 bent ones, a chopped lip and I'm holding a bloody ice pack to my mouth.

Not much later, we get called back into a room and the doc checks me out. He gives me a couple shots in my lip and then begins to stitch me up with 12 stitches-7 on the outside and 5 on the inside. I was trying to ignore it all, so I don't really know how long that process took. He had to pick some metal out of my lip, so that may have prolonged it a little bit. Before leaving we got prescriptions for antibiotics and pain killers. By the time we got home it was almost 2 am.

Regretfully, we were too worked up during the whole event to take any pictures. However I do a few pics of before and after the dentist.

The chipped teeth and stitches

The lip and crooked teeth

A keepsake the trampoline let me have (look on the bottom left side of my mouth)

The new grill

For those of you that prayed for me, thank you. God heard your prayers and has provided much healing. I am blessed to be in the condition I am in. Even though it was an accident, things could have been so much worse. I am thankful to serve a God who takes care of his children.

Thursday, May 10

Catching Up To Do

For those of you that check my blog on a regular or semi-regular basis- I'm sorry. I haven't been posting lately because there is a lot going on in my life and I haven't had the time to sit in front of a computer. Soon, I will blog on all of the things that have been happening. Brittany and I will have internet in our apartment as of Tuesday. I will then be able to blog regularly.

Until I am able to give you full details, I will just list some of the things that have taken place in the past month or so.

Josh and Liz came down to visit, so we got to hang with our best friends.

Jim & Linda (Brittany's parents) came down and spent a few days with us.

We moved (blog and pictures to come).

I split my lip open and busted my teeth (blog and pictures to come). Ok, I have to show you this picture so that you want to know more. (scroll down)

Well, there's a little bit to tide you over until I have more time. Hope you're ready for it all. lol