Thursday, August 2

Life As a Fifth Grade Teacher

I have now survived my first two days of school as a fifth grade teacher. The first day was a minimum day and the kids were all a bit shy being back. But today was a different story. It was regular length and the kids were all excited to be back and around their friends. They're also testing me to see how much they can get away with. I had a headache by the end of the day. Please pray that I will know how to handle the situations that come my way. Pray that God will use others to help me with all of the new things I'm dealing with. If you can give me any pointers or specific tips for controlling and teaching my students, please do. I think I am a fairly good classroom manager, but I haven't experienced this before.

I don't know what's in store for this year and it's hard to see the light because of all the chaos. But I do know one thing is for sure: God is still good.


Anonymous said...

Hello Teacher Tim,

Well I don't consider myself a teacher such as yourself but from previous experience doing jr. high ministry the past 5 years I have a bit of experience in teaching. I learned from a very wise man a method of establishing authority. This was to put an acronym up on the board of ground rules you would like them to follow, that seems to set the tone to give you authority and respect. What I have learned over the years is that "problem kids" are problem kids because they have been raised without structure and rules in the home so they expect that everywhere else. So although it sounds conflicting, what these kids really crave is structure with rules to follow. I hope what I've said makes sense and is of use to you. I hope you have an awesome first year!


Big MillerTime said...

I think it will just take a little time to get used to being around 5th graders all day. I think in the end they will feed off your energy since you're young and a guy which is probably different than any of the teachers they've had thus far. Maybe just spend some time each morning before class praying for the class and for the strength and energy to give the kids all you can. If worse comes to worse you could always get a game of dodgeball going and put a little too much heat on the ball.

Sonia:) said...

Congratulations!! Hang in there. email me if you need anything. :)

joshandliz said...

so, we know you're busy but it's been almost 3 months!!! let's get a new post =)